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We’ll Help You Create the Perfect Outdoor Living Structure for Your Yard

There are countless options in structures that can be created to aid outdoor entertainment, offer shelter from the elements, and make better use of yard space. Paragon can help you design and build the perfect gazebo, pergola, patio, or contemporary shed to escape from the stresses of life.

First, we’ll meet to inspect the space and review the most appropriate options for your yard. Depending on the climate and your personal taste, a gazebo can be made of pressure-treated pine, vinyl, metal, or other materials. The potential uses of outdoor living spaces are expanding to include cooking features, TV, audio, and lighting designed to withstand the elements. Clients often have an idea of what they want but need professional assistance to create something that will serve all of their needs and still look fabulous.

Our team brings expertise in all areas of construction and design, which will be crucial to ensure the structural integrity of your project. We will educate you about what materials and other considerations are needed to withstand all weather and seasons. As with all our areas of service, we aim to leave every client 100% satisfied.